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Okay so you've taken the first step and you're here. Congratulations! Our goal here at Ambiance Digital Photography School is to expose you to a whole new experience that can change your life. The world of photography can be very intriguing and exciting but it can be overwhelming and confusing if you haven't had any prior training. We would like to make that new experience as easy and seamless as possible. Our instructors explain the principles and techniques that can lead to you shooting like a professional photographer. We are much more than just video lessons. When you become a member of Ambiance Digital Photography School you are joining our community. You will be able to interact with other members through our exclusive member's forum. We would like you to grow with us and share your progress with the other members. Our lessons are not scheduled. You will be able to view our video lessons at anytime at your own leisure. Photography can change the way you view the world. Our hope is that it will become more than just hobby but become a major part of your life. We want you to use your camera to tell your personal story and to capture the beauty in the things and people you love most in life. We're excited to see you here and hopefully we'll see you in our member's area. If you would like to see what we are all about then take the next step and become a member today. Just click here or see our pricing page. Have a great day!

Video Tutorials

Our lessons are created by professional photographers whose passion is to teach you the fundamentals of digital photography while also giving some insights into their personal techniques that they have developed over the years. It does not matter if you are just beginning or have been taking photographs for awhile. You will find a place where you are comfortable at Ambiance Digital Photography School.

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Ambiance Digital Photography School strives to provide our members with the type of education that could lead to professional careers in photography being born. We are also dedicated to providing you that education with the lowest possible cost. Our goal is to create a fun environment for our members where money is not the focus rather enjoying the experience of learning a new art form is the goal.

Explore the Art of Photography

Photography is one of the purest forms of personal expression and it is one that every person has the opportunity to explore. Whether you would like to learn how to take better photos of the family, tell a powerful story through photo journalism, or start a successful and interesting career as a wedding or nightclub photographer, you can start your journey right here with us.

About Us

Ambiance Digital Photography School is a site started by a college student with the passion to explore the art of photography but who did not have the time or money to explore the depths of the art form. The idea was born to create an environment where people would be able to learn everything they would need to know to get started in the world of photography whether it be as a hobbyist, professionally, or simply to express yourself. ADPS strives to continually improve itself and the success of its members everyday and this is why the lifetime membership was created. For as long as we are around you will be apart of our community and we hope you will enjoy it here.


  • What does a lifetime membership mean?

    You will always have access to the site for as long as we are around ...and we don't plan on going anywhere anytime soon.
  • Is there a physical school?

    No. ADPS was designed for you to learn at your own pace from the comfort of your own home.
  • How are the lessons taught?

    Our lessons our taught via videos that are always up and available for members to watch anytime.
  • Can you view the videos on Ipad?

    Yes you can.

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